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Brief Bio

Born in Sondrio (Italy, 1965). Master of Science in Economics, Bocconi University of Milan (1989); Master of Science in Statistics, University of Minnesota (1990); Ph.D. in Statistics, University of Trento (1993). Post-doc research periods at the University of Bristol (1996-1997), at the University of Cambridge (1998) and at the Fields Institute, Toronto (1999).

Full Professor of Statistics at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pavia (since 2007; previously Associate Professor, 2000-2006 and Assistant Professor, 1993-1999). Currently lecturer of Statistics (undergraduate level), Financial Risk Management (Master’s level), Big data analysis (PhD level).  Supervisor of 144 Master of Science students in Economics and of 10 Phd students inStatistics and Economics. Most of them currently work in financial companies, consulting/IT companies or in the academia.

Board director of Credito Valtellinese banking group and, within the board, member of the risk committee and of the compensation committee (since 2010). Honorary member and President of the scientific committee of the Italian Financial risk management association (since 2013). Member of the group of advisory experts on big data for the Deutsche Bundesbank and for the Italian Statistical Institute (ISTAT).


Principal investigator of ten competitive research projects, with a total funding of about 1,450,000 euro, mostly employed to hire young researchers. Among them: MUSING (Multivariate semantic based business intelligence, VI framework EU programme, 2006-2010); MISURA (Multivariate statistical models for risk assessment, Italian Ministry of Research PRIN grant, 2013-2016); Technologies for an integrated promotion of the Valtellina district (Cariplo Foundation, 2010-2014).

Presenter of several talks in international conferences. In particular, invited talks and lectures in the following Institutions: University of Washington, Seattle (1997); Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge (1998); Siemens AG, Munich (1999); Trinity College, Dublin (2000); Max-Planck Institute for Physics, Munich (2001); Royal Statistical Society, London (2002); SAMSI Institute, Duke University (2003); University ofLeuven (2003); University Rey Carlos III of Madrid (2003); ETH Politechnic of Zurich (2004); SAS Institute, Las Vegas (2005,2006); BarclaysBank, London (2006); Imperial College of London (2007); Swedish Statistical Society (2007); Science and Letters Accademy, Milan (2007); Credit research centre, Edinburgh (2008, 2013); Tunisian Statistical Society (2010); Academia Sinica, Taipei (2011); University of California atBerkeley (2012); EU Joint Research Centre, Ispra (2012); European Central Bank, Frankfurt (2014); Italian Parliament (2014, 2015); Canadian Statistical Society (2015); Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt (2015); Big data value Association, Den Haag (2016); Bank of International Settlements, Basel (2016).

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