MIBE in a nutshell

MIBE is a Master Programme – Master of Science (MSc) | Laurea Magistralis – entirely taught in English which covers two academic years (4 semesters) and comprises activities for a total of 120 ECTs credits.

MIBE develops managerial capabilities for the governance of change within complex as well as multinational contexts. The program is inspired by principles related to:  Exponential Organisations, Design Thinking, Global Culture & Diversity as a value, Lean Startup as a mindset for both small and giant companies, entrepreneurship/corporate entrepreneurship.

MIBE focuses on core topics in the area of International Management/innovation/Entrepreneurship, and then spreads out into two possible curricula: “International Management“ and “Digital Management”.


Curriculum International Management

This curriculum is designed to develop managers and consultants which bring their A-game within international contexts. It provides students not only with a wide knowledge of management theories but also with the skills necessary to apply this knowledge in multi-country and cross-cultural contexts, thus preparing them for a rewarding career in business and the strategic management of international organizations and multinational companies.

Career Opportunities includes but are not limited to: Country/Export manager; Business Development Manager; Analyst of international markets; Marketing manager; Project Manager; Management consultant; Business Analyst; Global Entrepreneur.

Curriculum Digital Management

This curriculum provides students with the managerial and analytical skills to help them understand the dynamics and potential of Digital Economy, including topics like: Web- and IT-based start-ups/companies, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech & Blockchain Technologies, Implications of Industry 4.0 and in general management of Hi-Tech. Basic principles of Coding (e.g. Java Scripts & Python) are taken into consideration.

Career Opportunities includes but are not limited to:  Data Scientist & Big Data analyst, Digital marketing, Innovation Manager, Chief Innovation Officer / Chief Technology Officer / CIO, IT Project Manager, entrepreneur & digital entrepreneur.

Degree Plus: High learning, IN THE workplace

Degree plus is a innovative learning experience straddling classroom and real job. It last five semester – one more than the four normally planned – two of which will be spent as challenging, qualified and rewarded interships with our firm partners. Degree plus is reserved to few selected talents.



Thanks to an established partnership with a network of companies and firm, internships is a key part of the academic learning process and count as a curricular activity. This opportunity is open to all our students.

To this aim we a special unit – MIBE Placement Office – and special agreement with leading companies like: 3M, Accenture, Braas Monier, Business Integration Partner, Confindustria, Engineering, FacilityLive, LG Electronics, IBM, Procter & Gamble, RES, Riso Scotti, SevenPixel, TGD-LuVe Group, Vodafone, and more.

Write the Thesis

The final thesis (worth 24 credits) is normally written during the second semester of the second year. The thesis should present an original piece of research, including both literature review and empirical analysis.The subject area of the thesis is normally chosen by the student who will then agree the specific topic together with the thesis supervisor (so called “relatore”) . It is advisable that the student should contact and make agreements with the supervisor in advance (normally during the first semester of the second year).

Take a look at Course Synopsis and full program of both curricula (International Management & Digital Management)

Core Topics

International Business

  • International Business and Management
  • DBI (Doing Business In)
  • International Marketing
  • Cross-cultural Marketing

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • Innovation Management
  • Innovation Eco-Systems
  • Equity Markets, Business Angels & VCs
  • International Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship

Digital Management

  • Digital Marketing
  • Growth Hacking
  • Big Data Analysis / Data Science
  • Strategic Management of Information Systems
  • Cyber Security & Cloud Computing
  • SQL / Database Management
  • Statistics & Data Mining, special emphasis on: market forecasting, analysis of international scenario, web analytics, risk management


  • Firm Valuation and Capital Market Instruments
  • Project Management
  • Performance Management
  • Consultancy and Soft Skills
  • Basics of Competition and International Law
  • Basics of Economics