Seminar with Alberto Forchielli: The World in Store for You: how to sneak thru


2:00 Opening Remarks

Francesco Svelto, Vice-Rector University of Pavia – Tech Transfer & Relationship with Companies

Giorgio Rampa, Director of Economics and Management Department, University of Pavia

2:15 Lectio Magistralis: “The world in store for You: how to sneak thru”

Alberto Forchielli, Managing Partner at Mandarin Capital Partners, President of “Osservatorio Asia”, MBA at Harvard Business School

3:15 Round Table + Questions and answers with students

Enrico Cotta Ramusino, University of Pavia

Norifumi Kawai, Professor of International Business | University of Sussex (UK)

Francesco Caracciolo, Director “Confindustria Pavia”

closing remarks: S. Denicolai, Head of Master in International Business and Entrepreneurship (MIBE)