Deadline:  June 30th 2016

Mentors4U: deadline June 30

We are proud to announce that as from April 4th, 2016 it will be possible to apply to the Mentors4u programme utilizing the following link:

Mentors4u is a non-profit initiative started in 2014 by 2 Harvard Business School Italian alumni, to offer pro-bono the precious resource of mentoring to young Italian university students. In the presentation attached to this document and within this e-mail, you will find a series of useful information about the programme.

Mentors4u – The Project

Founded by two Italians, alumni of the Harvard Business School, M4u has as its main objective to offer students who are motivated, excelling in their studies and interested in a career in the world of finance, consulting, management and entrepreneurship (Mentees), the possibility to be in contact with young successful professionals (Mentors) who will support them and guide them in the building their professional course in the best way possible, allowing them in turn to express their talent to the maximum.

In a little over a year from when Mentors4u was launched, the programme has become the largest independent Mentoring programme in Europe, with a network of 500 Mentors (with an average working experience of 8 years, 42% of whom have completed an MBA in one of the top 10 business schools in the world, 56% live and work abroad) and 635 Mentees selected on the basis of merit, motivation and the need for mentoring from 58 universities and from a total pool of 2,500 students.

The programme counts on the support of 16 Senior Mentors, inspirational leaders of the world of business and finance in Italy who sustain the programme and offer the Mentors and Mentees their vision and experience (amongst which the CEO of Bain, Italy, the vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley, the CEO of Coin Group, the President of the Group Campari), of Company Partners, leaders in the sectors of interest to Mentees, amongst which McKinsey & Company, Deloitte, Enel Green Power, FCA, Key2People, Pirelli, OVS, NOVA, BC Partners Foundation.

What we offer to students

To the students who have been selected we offer:

  • Association to a Mentor on the basis of preferences expressed. The Mentor will offer his personal supportin the fundamentalchoicesnecessaryfor the buildingof a successful career.
  • Association to aNetworkofmotivated and talented Mentees, Mentorswithoutstanding profiles, Senior Mentorswho are leadersin theirrespective industries.
  • Access to an onlinePortalwith a profileand a personal mailbox, where studentscan communicate withother membersof the community on the wall, accessthe directory ofMentorsand Menteesas well as accessaknowledge centerwhich contains around 300 articles,articles, guidelines and other useful content to prepare one for the working world.
  • ParticipationatCoffee Chats in which groupsof Menteesare invitedby Senior Mentorsto events where they can ask questionsrelating to theirpotential careerandsectors of interest;
  • ParticipationatNetworking Events,which are informal occasionsof interactionbetween Mentorsand Mentees;
  • Participationatexclusive eventsand workshops organizedwith the support of partner companiesand/orotherprominent organizationson a nationaland international level;
  • Visibilityamongst partner companies;
  • Possibilityto participate in the productionofcontent for theBlog of Mentors4 andtoreceive the Magazine of the programme, full oforiginal content generatedby Senior Mentors, Mentorsand Mentees.

Where to apply and deadlines

The potentialMentees of the new class of 2016 may send their applicationfrom April 4th up until June 30th, 2016 at the following link:

The outcome of the selection will be communicated on September 12th, 2016.

All the students who apply online, irrespective of the exit of their application, will have:

  • immediate and ongoing access to the Knowledge Center of Mentors4u, which contains around 300 articles, guidelines and other useful content to prepare one for the working world;
  • at their disposal a CV template which respects international best practice, to utilise for future references for applying for other work opportunities.

For further information, please write to: and/or consult our website