MIBE Test 2017: Results are OUT

Results of the MIBE Admission Test 2017 are OUT.

Please download the Ranking List here.

The best 70 candidates with the highest points in the ranking list have to enrol by and not after 12.00 of 19 July 2017. For details on the enrolment procedure see the Call for application (“bando”). Please check carefully all instructions!

YOUR SECOND CHANCE: Once the enrolment deadline has gone (19 July 2017) the number of still available seats (if any) will be notified. This may happen if some of the best 70 give up, and didn’t complete the enrolment procedure within 19 July 2017. So from 22 July to 12.00 of 29 July 2017 candidates from the 71st place (and below) on the ranking list, whose places fall within the number of  places available – may enrol by following the procedure described in the Call for application (“bando”).