March 16th 2018

MIBE Call for Application 2018-2019 is OUT: apply now!

We are happy to announce MIBE call for applications 2018-2019  is now open!


1) First, please read carefully the ‘MIBE call for application’ and page dedicated at this link: click here.  Please also find  below a summary of key information and deadlines.

2) To be admitted to the MIBE program, you should submit your application and follow all steps described in the bando and in the link above . To submit your application, you need to register and follow an online procedure at this link: click here to start (see the bando for all the instructions) .

Applications are open and deadline is June 15th 2018 at 12:00 p.m.

DON’T WAIT: DO IT NOW! Due to the new rules, we strongly recommend to submit your application as soon as you think you are ready.


  1. Once the application has been submitted, the MIBE committee will evaluate the academic background (e.g. grades and other elements…) and resume of the students and assign a score;
  2. If you get a letter of direct admission, you can immediately enroll without further evaluation (no test or other selection);
  3. If the score is good, but not enough for direct admission, the MIBE Committee may decide to proceed with further evaluation (possible interview in person/skype call)
  4. As soon as the student is admitted, he/she can proceed with the enrollment procedure to book a place until all seats available have been assigned. So we strongly recommend  to submit your application as soon you think you are ready, starting from now;
  5. The GMAT test – depending on score – is a further option, which means it is NOT obligatory to have it, but it’s a way  to get direct admission.


Do not hesitate to contact MIBE office if you have any doubts: 


  • International Context & Programs: about 50% foreign students in classroom, Visiting Professors from abroad, Double Degree programs with 12 foreign Universities, etc.
  • International Exchange Program with the Master of Science in Analytics of Louisiana State University, in US, ranked n.11 at worldwide level in the field;
  • Strong partnership with Companies like:UBI Bank, Accenture Strategy, Business Integration Partners (BIP), Engineering, FacilityLive (the most invested Italian startup),Vodafone, IBM, Italian Angels for Growth (IAG), Monier, Polo Tecnologico Pavia, Procter & Gamble, RES, Riso Scotti, Seven Pixel, TGD, Confindustria Pavia, and many more.
  • Practice beside theory: lots of teamworks, simulations, business games. Some examples: a) startup competition within MIBE including a prize of 20.000 euros! b) learn what is ‘digital marketing’ by running a real online campaign with real money; c) practice your creativity with the well known ‘Lego Serious Play’ © ; 
  • IPMA Project Management Certification;
  • SAS Programming Certification;
  • Univenture project: the only Italian ‘Business Plan competition’ within an academic master degree which gives you 20.000 euros prize (!) and let you present your venture project in front of professional investors and tech experts. Enter as student,  exit as entrepreneur.
  • Top Guest Lecturers, like (examples from earlier editions): G. Pisano, Harvard Business School; N. Wrenn, Head of News Relationship at Facebook; E. Cereda, CEO of IBM Italy; G. Tamola; Head of Zalando Italy & Spain; S. Sperimborgo, Managing Director Accenture Strategy; A. Forchielli, President of Mandarin Capital Partners; F. Schiavone, Roland Garros Winner, etc.
  • MIBE Placement Office: offering cv check, career orienteering services, job opportunity proposals for MIBE students only, etc.;
  • MIBE Community: Enter in our ‘club’, since MIBE is a label, a distinctive mark to wear and recognise. #wearemibers


  • Brand New Courses:  Business StoryTelling with the well-known expert Andrea Fontana; Business Development for LifeSciences; Corporate Finance;
  • SAS Programming Certification;
  • Updated version of the Exclusive and innovative Program Degree Plus with leading companies, also including – starting from this year – internships abroad within multinational companies;