Management of Information Systems (MIS)

Information and knowledge are now recognized as critical resources in the modern organization. In spite of the rising complexity and the pervasiveness of IT-based information systems, there is a persistent scarcity of business managers who are well versed in IS. While leaving the IS function solely in the hands of technologists is a critical mistake, now recognized, failing to develop managers that are well versed in IS represents the other side of the same shortcoming.

We need general and functional managers to develop a strong grounding in the concepts and language of IT, and to develop a sound appreciation for the information resource and for the information systems that can be acquired and developed to create business and organizational value.

This course aims to start you on your way to becoming a competent and IS-savvy manager who is well versed in the analysis of the potential and risks of constantly evolving Information Technologies. The class foundation is in Information System discipline, upon which you can build further through formal or independent studies.

  • Academic Year


  • ECTS Credit

    Number of Credits: 6

  • SSD