What is ‘Degree Plus’? (“Laurea Plus”)

Degree plus is a innovative learning experience developed by University of Pavia – first in Italy – straddling classroom and real job. It lasts five semesters – one more than the four normally planned – two of which will be spent as challenging, qualified and rewarded internships with our firm partners.

Degree plus is reserved to a few selected and talented students. Selection takes place at the end of the first year of MIBE and it’s for enrolled students only.

Learn more about the special program “Degree Plus (Laurea Plus)”

Lean more about the Laurea Magistralis in “International Business and Entrepreneurship” (MIBE) / University of Pavia (IT)

Projects LM+ – intership opportunities

Candidates admitted to interviews

The ‘Plus’ of Degree Plus at MIBE

  • Two high level Paid Internships (6 months each)
  • Two reference letters from companies at the end of Internships
  • Detailed Appraisal of Personal Skills and matching with job opportunities
  • Access to our Talent Development Program
  • Special Lectures / Events

Previously internships of Degree Plus took place in the following companies


MIBE is also partner of the “RES Institute for Data Science” (RIDS)

RIDS is a Research Labs on data science studies and applications, consisting of researchers from University of Pavia and from the RES Group.

Research activities cover several topics such as:

  • Text Mining, Sentiment analysis & Named Entity Recognition;
  • Predictive Analysis;
  • Marketing Analysis through big data;
  • Research on KPI for specific industries (e.g. risk management).

Learn more about RIDS