DEGREE PLUS / LAUREA PLUS : Call For Application is OUT!

Call for Appplication “Degree Plus” is OUT, including with the list of internship projects.

Applications for participation must be delivered to the COR office, deadline is 12:00 on the 28th of July 2017.

Click here for the full Call for Application and for further details.

Double Degree students can join the project, though a fluent Italian is required for the majority of internships.


1) Two internships (six months each), paid and highly qualifying – or 12 months, in case of mutual interest between student and company – which gives a significant number of credits in your study plan;
2) Special “coach” for you and coming from the business world, who will enhance your professional development, up to graduation;
3) Access to a special calendar of events, reserved to LM+ students only,  in addition to the priority access to MIBE events with limited seats;
4) A final evaluation of the thesis with an alternative and award-winning formula that considers the additional effort of students joining LM+;
5) Due to hard selection, LM + adds a special value to your CV.


Those who participate in LM+ have to complete 75 exam credits instead of 96, meaning about 20% less.

This impact on the study plan is:

– 12 credits are recognised for the “internship and/or 12 elective courses”
– 3 credits of “design & management/foreign language” exam are recognised together with the internship (so this exam should not be taken);
– 6 credits of one exam at your choice are also recognised, though respecting official minimal requirements  (at least 24 credits in management, at least 12 credits in economics, at least 6 credits in statistic math, at least 6 credits in law).

– total: 21 credits (12+3+6)


– The thesis – remaining 24 credits to 120 – adopts a special formula which rewards the additional effort;

– additional extracurricular 12 credits will be recognised (useful to further improve your CV).


Not necessarily. Actually LM + involves three semesters of studying, plus two semester of internships (five semesters in total). That is why there is a possibility to be enrolled as part time student.
However, it’s up to you: students can continue as full time: by starting the internships in January there is a possibility to graduate in the December and/or early 2019 sessions, after two full academic years. Challenging, but possible.

PRIVATE SESSIONS & EVENTS “LAUREA PLUSA series of special events for LM+ only will be scheduled, plus a priority to events with limited number of seats will be assigned. This calendar of special events will be developed and updated over the whole academic year. However, some confirmed sessions are:

– in-depth “training & stress test” to be ready in job interviews and complex environments;

– training session at UBI Banca’s ‘CyberSecurity’ center, to learn more and see their technologies in dealing with such a hot topic;

– training session at the new Italian Headquarter of Microsoft;

– training session at FacilityLive.

– other projects.

Laurea Plus is a great opportunity to learn, enrich your own CV, networking with influential managers and practitioners from leading companies.