Denicolai Stefano

Associate Professor

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    email: denist (at)

  • Phone Number

    +39 (0) 382 986481

  • Office Hour

    Wednesday, 16.00

Stefano Denicolai is an Assistant Professor of “Innovation Management” at the Faculty of Economics, University of Pavia.

He has a PhD in “Management”, a Master in “IT & organizational design” and has spent his career studying topics such as strategic management – especially in the case of new ventures -, business modelling & local development.

He has carried out research activities with leading Italian firms – e.g. Ugis-Unicredit, Ubi Bank-Ubiss, Accenture, Selex Integrated Systems – , local systems – e.g. Industrial District of Vigevano, Tourism destinations in Valtellina – and Institutions – e.g. Regione Lombardia, Confindustria -. He is also Visiting professor of “innovation management in the global economy” at the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 (Lyon, France).