Denicolai Stefano

Associate Professor

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    email: denist (at)

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    +39 (0) 382 986481

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    Wednesday, 16.00

Brief Bio

Stefano Denicolai is an Assistant Professor of “Innovation Management” at the Faculty of Economics, University of Pavia.

He has a PhD in “Management”, a Master in “IT & organizational design” and has spent his career studying topics such as strategic management – especially in the case of new ventures -, business modelling & local development.

He has carried out research activities with leading Italian firms – e.g. Ugis-Unicredit, Ubi Bank-Ubiss, Accenture, Selex Integrated Systems – , local systems – e.g. Industrial District of Vigevano, Tourism destinations in Valtellina – and Institutions – e.g. Regione Lombardia, Confindustria -. He is also Visiting professor of “innovation management in the global economy” at the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 (Lyon, France).


Main fields of research are: Innovation & strategic management, International Entrepreneurship, business modelling, Tourism & Cultural Heritage Management.

Main recent publications:

  • Denicolai S., Cioccarelli G., Zucchella A. (2011) “Reputation, trust and relational centrality in local networks: an evolutionary geography perspective”, in R. Boshma , Martin R. (eds) “Handbook on Evolutionary Economic Geography”, Edward Elgar, UK.
  • Denicolai S., Cioccarelli G. Zucchella A. (2010) “Resource-based local development and networked core-competencies for tourism excellence”, Tourism Management, n° 31/2, pp. 272-278.
  • Denicolai S. (2010), “Economia e Management dell’Innovazione: generazione e intermediazione della conoscenza come leva di competitività”, Franco Angeli, Milano.
  • Denicolai S., Zucchella A., Palamara G. (2007), “The drivers of early internationalization of the firm”, Journal of World Business, Elsevier, Volume 42, Issue 3, September 2007, pp. 268-280; ISSN: 1090-9516.
  • Denicolai S., Cioccarelli G., Zucchella A. (2007) “Dynamic network capabilities for innovation within local and global networks”, in Ammi C. (MINT Research Group) “Innovative Technology and Globalization”, Cambridge Scholars Press UK, ISBN 1-84718-175-9.
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