Hagen Birgit

Assistant Professor

  • Contact

    email: birgit.hagen (at) unipv.it

  • Phone Number

    (+39) 382 98 6457

  • Office Hour

    Wednesday, 16.00 – 18.00 (and by appointment)

Brief Bio

She joined the University of Pavia in 2005 and completed her doctoral studies in 2009 in the Department of Economics and Management where she now holds an assistant professor position.

Currently she is the Pavia project leader of a Horizon 2020 Project (PrimeFish: Developing a market oriented toolbox to strengthen competitiveness)  and an Erasmus + Strategic Project (MARCIEE – Marketing Communication Innovativeness of European Entrepreneurs). She also collaborates in the Pavia University’s strategic project on 3 D printing and additive manufacturing (3D@unipv.it).

Birgit  is Visiting Professor of International Entrepreneurship and Marketing at the University of Lyon 3 and the University of Savoie-Annecy, France and a Visting Scholar at the University of Sussex.


Her primary research interest lies at the intersections of SME Internationalisation, International Entrepreneurship, and Marketing with special regard to the profiles and characteristics of entrepreneurs and management teams; the strategic design and internationalization patterns of their businesses.

Some current publications:

Zucchella Antonella, Hagen Birgit, Denicolai Stefano, Masucci Monica, (2016), Early and accelerated internationalization: the role of the niche strategy in a new generation of exporters.  Inaugural Issue of the International Journal of Export Marketing, 1/1, pp 27-47.

Zucchella A., Hagen B., (2015), The Internationalization of SMEs in Italy, in: Ghauri P., Kirpalani M. (eds), Handbook of Research on International Entrepreneurship Strategy: Improving SME Performance Globally, Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham:UK, pp  309-333.

Denicolai Stefano, Hagen Birgit, Pisoni Alessia, (2015). Be international or be innovative? Be both? The role of the entrepreneurial profile, Journal of International Entrepreneurship, 13, pp 390-417.

Hagen Birgit, Antonella Zucchella, (2014), Born Global or Born to Run? The Long-Term Growth of Born Global Firms, Management International Review, 54, 4, pp 497-525.

Hagen Birgit, Denicolai Stefano, Zucchella Antonella  (2014), International entrepreneurship at the crossroads between innovation and internationalization, Journal of International Entrepreneurship, 12 (2), 111-114.

Hagen Birgit, Majocchi Antonio, (2014), Case study and teaching notes Luxottica, “Excellence in Eyewear Distribution”, in Ghauri P., Cateora P., International Marketing. 4th Edition, London: McGraw Hill.

Hagen Birgit, Majocchi Antonio, (2014), Case study and teaching notes Fiat 500 “For FIAT to get big in the US, did it have to start small?”, in Ghauri P., Cateora P., International Marketing. 4th Edition, London: McGraw Hill.

Hagen Birgit, Zucchella Antonella, Cerchiello Paola, De Giovanni Nicolò, (2012), International strategy and performance – Clustering strategic types of SMEs, International Business Review, 21, pp 369 – 382

Hagen Birgit, Zucchella Antonella, (2011). The International Growth of Born Global Firms: Tracking Drivers and Dimensions Along Time, Palgrave Macmillan award for the best paper  at  the 2011 conference of the UK Chapter of the  Academy of International Business, Edinburgh, in: Proceedings of the 38th AIB-UKI Conference “International business: new challenges, new forms, new practices”. ISBN: 9780956876508, University of Edinburgh Business School, April 14-16, 2011.

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