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After gaining a degree in Business Administration from the Bocconi University of Milan in 1988, he commenced his career at Snam in the Administration, Finance and Control area, where he held managerial roles in different functions and with growing levels of responsibility, up until becoming Financial Manager in 2000. In this position he gained international experience while holding managerial roles in the associates in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Tunisia and the Netherlands.

In 2001, he supervised the various phases of the Snam Rete Gas listing process, which in that year was the largest IPO in Italy. In 2002, he moved to Eni, where he was head of the group Equity and Debt Capital Market activities until 2006. Among other things, he handled the take-over bid on Italgas shares in 2003, placement of the second tranche of Snam Rete Gas on the market in 2004 and other extraordinary finance transactions, including the sale of Eni’s shareholding in Albacom, the sale of Snamprogetti to Saipem and various transactions in the bond market. In 2006, he was named CEO of Eni Coordination Center SA, headquartered in Brussels, where Eni’s international financial activities are centralised. After returning to Snam as CFO in 2007, he contributed to putting into effect the group’s strategy with the acquisition in Italy of Italgas and Stogit and abroad of shares in TIGF, TAG, Gas Connect Austria, Interconnector UK and TAP. In 2012, he supervised the refinancing of over €12 billion resulting from the change of Snam’s control from Eni to CDP. In 2016, he handled the demerger of Italgas from Snam and listing the Company in the stock market. He took over the role of General Manager of Italgas with responsibility for the CFO, ICT, Investor Relations, Enterprise Risk Management, Development & M&A, Property & Facility Management, HSE and Vendor Management areas.

He sits on the Board of Directors of Italgas Reti. He has gained a wealth of knowledge of the stock and bond market, in addition to M&A and structured finance transactions in Italy and abroad, for the most part in the Oil & Gas and Utilities sectors.


Research interests relates to corporate finance

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