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Brief Bio

Professor of Marketing, Faculty of Economics, University of Pavia.

Research Scholar, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

Visiting Professor in International Marketing, Universitè Robert Schuman in Strasbourg.

Visiting Lecturer in International Marketing at the Universities of Lion, Goteborg and Sussex.

Member of the Italian Academy of Business Studies (AIDEA), of the Academy of International Business Studies, of the European International Business Academy.

Member of the editorial Board of the Journal of Management and Governance, Journal of International entrepreneurship; European Research on Management and Business Economics, International Journal of Export Marketing and Baltic Journal of Management.

External Examiner for PhD theses at  King’s College London,  University of Glasgow, Universitad Autonoma de Barcelona.

Referee for several ranked journals.

Key note speaker in international entrepreneurship in international conferences.


Research interests

International business and international marketing, international entrepreneurship, global value chains, SMEs internationalisation processes, Born Global firms, industrial districts and high tech clusters, entrepreneurship, innovation and local development, sustainable corporations and circular firms.

Research projects (main)

– Member of the Pavia Unit in the Horizon 2020 project  “Primefish” 2015-2018.

– Local coordinator of Italian National Project funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (PRIN), Research Grant “Scientific research and competitiveness. Variety of organizations, support systems and performance levels”

– Coordination of Pavia research unit, for the project about Entrepreneurship Development, promoted by “Fondazione Cariplo” and “Mind The Bridge” Foundation (2010-11)

– Coordination of Pavia research unit of the European Project COBEREN about consumer behaviour  in Europe (2010-2013).

Knowledge transfer/third mission

Scientific advisor for public and private organizations about entrepreneurship, internationalization,  marketing and local development. Collaboration to the Annual report of the Italian Foreign Trade Institute (ICE) 2015.  Member of Advisory Board Confindustria Pavia. Member of the scientific committee Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia.

Recent Publications

Urban, S.,  Zucchella, A. (2011), Building the future through real value creation and

innovation: achieving competitiveness in a chaotic world, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 13,  2.

Hagen Birgit, Antonella Zucchella  (2011). A longitudinal look at the international entrepreneurship dimensions: cases and predictions. International Journal Of Management Cases, p. 484 – 504 Vol. 13

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Zucchella A., Fossati A. (2014), The place is the promotion. The emerging role of selling places and spaces. Sinergie rivista di studi e ricerche.

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Zucchella A., Hagen B., Denicolai S. and  Masucci M. (2016), Early and accelerated internationalization: the role of the niche strategy in a new generation of exporters, International Journal of Export Marketing.

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