Four years in a row: excellent results for MIBE students in international projects

The Marciee program stands for “Marketing Communication Innovativeness for European Entrepreneurs” It is a project funded by the European Union which aims to strengthen the innovativeness of European entrepreneurs and to professionalize their international marketing activities.

Students from ten prestigious universities from all around Europe got together in Vilnius (Lithuania) to participate in the second edition of the MARCIEE project week.The program consisted of two phases, one at national and the other one at international level. In the first phase national teams analyzed the business environment for startups, focusing on the analysis of their marketing communication plans and customer relationship strategies. In the latter, each student was assigned to an international team and had to work in a cross-cultural environment. International teams had the task to design a new innovative and creative startup in a reference market and to build a coherent marketing communication plan and a customer relationship strategy. International teams presented their outcome to international juries at the end of the week.

The Pavia team was composed of 7 members: Marta Armanini, Valentina Beretta, Federico De Grazia, Federico Dellanoce, Antonio Iovine, Julia Nagaikina, Natalia Zelaschi. Professor Birgit Hagen was responsible for the supervision of the team and of the work with the support of three Phd students: Marcin Bartosiak, Emilia Cubero Dudinskaya, Andrea Setti.

Two students from the University of Pavia, Federico De Grazia and Antonio Iovine, achieved first and second positions respectively together with their international teams. Students recognized that the project, though being hard and challenging, allowed them to be enriched by new knowledge in marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as new acquaintances.

They said: “MARCIEE has been an exciting experience but, at the same time, very challenging since the level of the competition and the preparation of the other students was very high. For this reason, we are proud of our results, especially of those obtained by our colleagues Federico De Grazia and Antonio Iovine  who placed first and second.  Working in a multicultural team gave us the possibility to work and compete with students coming from different realities and to establish relationships outside the working environment, as well. We can suggest this experience to everyone who is interested in a very engaging international environment and in topics as innovation, marketing and entrepreneurship”