Call for Applications 2018-2019 is closed

If you are  interested to apply for academic year 2019-2020, we strongly recommend you to get in contact early in  2019.

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EU Students


Applications for academic year 2018-2019 are NOW CLOSED (deadline was June 15th 2018)

Please see below the main pillars of the new selection criteria and procedure:

  1. Once the application has been submitted, the MIBE committee will evaluate the academic background (e.g. grades and other elements…) and resume of the students and assign a score;
  2. If you get a letter of direct admission, you can immediately enroll without further evaluation (no test or other selection);
  3. If the score is good, but not enough for direct admission, the MIBE Committee may decide to proceed with further evaluation (possible interview in person/skype call – see calendar below). On the other hand, if the score is not so good and looking at the student’s curriculum, the MIBE Committe may decide the elements are enough not to give direct admission, without interview.
  4. As soon as the student is admitted, he/she can proceed with the enrollment procedure to book a place until all seats available have been assigned. So we strongly recommend  to submit your application as soon you think you are ready, starting from now;
  5. The GMAT test – depending on score – is a further option, which means it is NOT obligatory to have it, but it is a way to get direct admission.

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NON-EU Students



APPLICATION PERIOD: Applications are going to open in January 2019.


Due to the high number of requests and the limited number of places available, we strongly recommend to get in contact in early 2019. For queries: 


1.  Minimal entry requirements check:

Before applying, check you hold the minimal entry requirements  required to apply for MIBE

2.  Application submission:

Deadline to apply for the next skype interviews session:  no skype interviews planned as yet

The application consists in the following on-line procedure: 

– First of all, prepare and complete in advance the following documents which you will be requested to upload during the on-line application:

  • A completed application form, to be download here;
  • A scan of you Bachelor degree transcript supplied by your university reporting the individual exams taken (or to be taken if still graduating) , relative marks and numbers of credits (or study hours) for each exam. If you have more than one degree, you may upload more than one transcript, each as a separate file.
  • An excel file to be completed with all the exams from your transcript, divided and grouped according to the different subject areas  specified in the file. To download the Excel file, click here;
  • Your curriculum vitae;
  • A scan of your English language certificate (optional);
  • A scan of the receipt of payment of an application fee of 35 euro. To see how to pay your application fee, please check the “Fees” section.  Payment should be made so that the net amount received by the University is 35 euros. Please consider bank commissions.

All applicants MUST PAY this fee in order for their application to be considered and take part to the skype selection interview (see below on this page). 

– if possible, prefer jpg files (instead of PDF, though the system accepts PDF as well)
do NOT insert in the registration fields any special character (such as  brackets ( ); hyphen -; commas ,  etc… )
– the system also accepts compressed file in ZIP format

Once you have prepared the above documents, please REGISTER HERE  and follow the online instructions in order to submit your application. 


Students who hold the minimal entry requirements and  have correctly applied will then have to take part to a selection interview via Skype.

The interview will consist in a 10/15 minutes conversation in English about the student’s motivations for wanting to join MIBE and about the contents of the courses taken during his/her Bachelor degree studies, so that the Admission Committee can assess the background of studies and preparation the student has.

Students who pass the interview will receive the final confirmation that they are admitted to the Master’s Programme. Further information on the Skype interview will be supplied throughout the application process directly to candidates.  


Students admitted to the Master’s Programme will need to contact an Italian diplomatic authority in their home country, in order to assemble all the documents needed to enroll and submit a pre-enrollment application with the University of Pavia. The Italian Diplomatic autority has a deadline to send pre-enrollment applications, which normally is around the end of June.

On top of the pre-enrollment application, the list of documents to assemble via an Italian Diplomatic authority is as follows:

– The ORIGINAL DOCUMENT (A COPY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED) of the University diploma (3-year university degree) suitable for enrollment in the Laurea Magistrale

– a translation of the University diploma into Italian (either by the Italian diplomatic authority in their home county or by a translator out of a list provided by the authority). The translation should therefore be certified by the Italian authorities in the country where the qualification was awarded.

– The original copy of the university diploma must be accompanied by a declaration of its value (dichiarazione di valore in loco), issued by the Italian authorities in the country where the qualification was awarded. 

– An official document issued by the foreign university containing a list of the exams translated into Italian and legalized by the Italian authority.

Further information on foreign documents validation and deadlines can be found at this link:


Students holding a foreign qualification who have been admitted and have collected all documents required for enrollment (by the Italian diplomatic authority) will have to come and bring all the documents to Pavia in September in order to enroll. At this stage, the first installment of the tuition fee must be paid. For info on fees, please see this link

For detailed info on enrollment procedure and deadlines, see  page 7-8 of  the English version of the official admission document. 


It must be paid in order to take part to the admission test. For academic year 2018-2019 it is 35 Euros.

Methods of payment: bank transfer

Payment should be made so that the net amount received by the University of Pavia is 35 Euros. Bank commissions should be covered by the applicants.

In the bank transfer description, please specify: MIBE application fee payment



The Tuition Fee is divided into three instalments

  • First instalment

The first instalment of € 156.00 is equal for everybody . The deadline to pay coincides with the enrolment deadline.

  • Second instalment 

    The second instalment is equal to 30% of the total amount due, based on the students’s family financial status or on the maximum contribution level for students who do not ask for reductions.

    Deadline: November 23, 2018

  • Third instalment

    The third instalment is equal to the difference between the yearly full fee and the amounts paid in the first and second instalments.

    Deadline: March 22, 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: students with a family financial status lower than 23.000 euros are entitled to the total exemption from contribution . This will allow many students to access or complete their studies for free, except for the 156 euros (first fixed instalment)


  •  maximum contribution level corresponds to 75.000,00 € of ISEE for currently enrolled students and repeating students within the 1st year. For students enrolled for a number of academic years above the normal length of the study course,  the maximum fee corresponds to 80.000,00 € of ISEE 

Detailed info on fees are provided at THIS LINK 

NOTE THAT the contribution area (Fee area) of the Faculty of Economics is Area 2


An annual “FLAT RATE” for tuition fees has been introduced for international students, set according to the country of origin (citizenship) of the student and the type of course.

Check your flat rate  according to your country at the following link

It is still possible to apply for reductions from the flat rate, if your family financial status is below 23,000 euros and you don’t want to stick to the flat rate (see above info).

The ecomomic situation  of the student’s family is estimated with the ISEE indicator (Indicator of Equivalent Economic Status) and calculated for each student by the university tax Office (Ufficio Tasse).

In order to have the ISEE indicator (and the resulting fee) calculated, students with income produced abroad should provide:

* Family income for the 2017 calendar year
* List of all family members, including disabilities with percentage
* Square meters of all properties
* End-of-year bank accounts of all family members including the student


For detailed info see THIS LINK.


Fund for Cooperation and Knowledge – University of Pavia

Every two years the University of Pavia provides students from Developing Countries (see list of eligible countries here ) with a scholarship called “Fund for Cooperation and Knowledge”.  The Fund is intended to provide with a scholarship students from the countries listed, who wish to study one year at the University of Pavia, and to UNIPV students who would like to spend some months in a Developing Country for studying, researching and/or training.  The Fund and the selection of the students are managed by a Committee composed by students, professors and officers of the University of Pavia. Applications  normally open in April/May. For further information please see the Fund for Cooperation and Knoledge page.

Invest your Talent in Italy

It is a scholarship offered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, open to students coming from

Azerbaijan · Brazil · Colombia · Egypt · Ethiopia · India · Indonesia · Iran · Ghana · Kazakhstan · Mexico · People’s Republic of China · Tunisia · Turkey · Vietnam

who would like to access Master Programmes and postgraduate courses held in English in Engineering, Advanced Technologies, Architecture, Design, Economics and Management at prestigious Italian Universities. Once selected by the university of choice, students from the above countries can access the opportunities offered by the Programme: scholarships, reductions/exemptions in tuition fees, orientation and student support services.

For further info, please see:


EDiSU, an external organization collaborating with the University of Pavia, gives students the possibility to apply for financial benefits and/or gain access to one of the eleven Colleges (Collegi) of the University of Pavia. Please see the links below for detailed info:

Info for Italian students:

Info for foreign students: ; General info; Guide for Foreign Applicants


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