MIBE introduces the new Certificate in Life Science in partnership with Pavia’s Science and Technology Park (http://www.ptspavia.it/en/pavia-science-and-technology-park).

The programme offers you the opportunity to achieve a superior certificate in Life Science. Students interested in managing organisations or leading startups within sectors such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biology, engineering, regulations and related sectors can benefit from MIBE’s specialization in Life Science management.

The aim of this specialization is to provide students with a set of skills, such as business analysis and planning, health and social care management, technology assessment and transfer, as well as patenting in organizations operating in the health and life science sector.

In order to be eligible to gain the Certificate in Life Science, students are required to pass the following exams during their MIBE programme:

  • Health Economics
  • Healthcare management
  • International Business Law
  • Business Development

Additionally, students will be given the opportunity (and require) to do a 6 month internship in a real business environment within Life Science organizations such as hospitals, biotech companies, medical tech companies, etc.

Finally, a thesis must be written on a topic related to life sciences for the student to exploit their knowledge and skills gained during this concentration.

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Responsible: Prof. Chiara Demartini