MIBE Placement office (MPO) is a special service for MIBE students only aimed at supporting the matching between MIBE students and internship/job opportunities offered by our partners, as well as to support the “on-boarding” process (help for new students). Moreover, MPO is going to be in charge with an in depth follow-up process, including an annual reporting about placement rates, job positions and other key indicators regarding Mibers’ career once they have entered the job market.

MPO works in strict cooperation with ‘UniPv COR‘ – the career orienteering service of the whole University of Pavia – , but it addresses specific features and needs of this master’s degree, creating a closest bridge between our students and MIBE partners.

Special programme for talents – developed with key company partners – is also a key activity.

MPO offers the following services to students:

a) Competence Assessment, Talent Map and support for New Students

b) Degree Plus & Talent Development Programme;

c) Internship Library & Job Matching;

d) Career Services, including: Cv check, simulations and Stress tests with a view to job interviews.

MPO is in charge of the relationship with companies, to  work closely with COR and support theDegree Plus (LM+) programme.

The MPO has already begun some preliminary activities, though the full range of the above mentioned services will be available starting from fall 2016.

Job opportunities managed by MPO is going to cover many areas, whilst direct relationships with companies are already running, including: Engineering, Business Integration Partners, Accenture, IBM, FacilityLive, LG Electronics, UBI Banca / UBISS, 3M, Giuseppe Zanetti Design,  RES – Research for Enterprise Systems, Monier, Oliver Wayman, Riso Scotti, Thermo Glass Door, Seven Pixel, and others.

Contact: mibe.placement@unipv.it