MIBERS community

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Welcome Onboard

Welcome to community of ‘Mibers’, which stay also once graduated. We feel that MIBE is a label, a distinctive mark:a nice one, to wear and recognise.

Our Global Home

MIBE students come from all over Italy and from different parts of the world, but the friendly, warm environment of MIBE and that sense of belonging to a community makes them feel as if MIBE is like home.


“This program was an opportunity to discover a world that I couldn’t even imagine before, explore a new culture and to make new friends”.
Ludovica Lanaro – Class of 2019
“As the Chinese culture is extremely diverse to ours, one most definitely must be prepared to accept and enjoy the differences. A truly unforgettable experience!”.

Karen Jump – Class of 2019

“…I still remember the first day of lectures, in a completely unexpected place: a scientific park full of startups, not a classroom. At a certain point the professor said: ‘Ok, now please create groups and give me a solution’. Create a group?! Ok..I took a look around and for the first time I was the only Italian around foreign students. It was stimulating: unconventional place, unconventional teaching style in a international environment. Scary but exciting! “
Alessandro Merli – Class of 2019

“The prior preparation gained in MIBE on quantitative and qualitative analysis helped immensely when learning how to work within a multicultural environment”.
Francesca Sanguineti – Class of 2014
“Extremely interesting from a relationship and experience point of view especially when learning how to deal and work with students from other countries”.
Cecilia Tardani –
Class of 2014


“MIBE offers a huge platform to go abroad and also provides the opportunity to learn the technical language that is needed for future careers”.
Giulia Bosatra – Class of 2011