Advanced Marketing & Simulation


The course starts with introductory lectures on key (strategic) marketing topics such as:

  • business strategy
  • life cycle/product portfolio management
  • marketing decisions related to product innovation and relative market segmentation, targeting, positioning strategies.

The theoretical concepts will be applied in a simulation project which will be in the form of a one-two week(s) intensive format: from competitive forces to the effects of R& D and marketing strategy, every aspect in the simulation’s decision making reflects a real life situation with immediate feedback from the market. Participation will be mandatory for the whole duration of the simulation. The overall objective is to guide a business over time: therefore, plans for short-term profit and long-term targets have to be compounded. Teams of three to six participants compete against each other to successfully pilot their company over a multi-year period. Students will gain a more analytical way of thinking and become prepared for the “real world” by testing contingencies and scenarios in advance. Also, participants learn to be part of a team (international) and to deal with team dynamics.

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