Applied Project Management


The Applied Project Management course aims to provide an overview of one of the managerial disciplines and professional areas of current and future development.

The course offers to students, through a holistic approach, the basic training, necessary for planning and execution of projects; within the lectures that will be delivered with an interactive method, aimed at mutual exchange and interaction between the professor and the participants; students will have the opportunity to deepen both the traditional project management methodologies, as well as the most innovative and recent ones based on agile approaches, but not only: a great emphasis will also be given to soft skills, such as leadership, communication and teamwork, which are increasingly important to ensure the success of projects

In this sense, the training activity is characterized by different advanced teaching methods, including lectures, case studies, testimonials from managers and company consultants and the development during the course of a project work, which is a fundamental part of the final evaluation.
Thanks to this approach, students have the immediate opportunity to apply the knowledge and tools acquired in the classroom and see their direct application through the project work; this means that more than 50% of the course is intended for the practical part with a learning by doing approach

Finally, another distinctive element of the course and great opportunity for students is the possibility, for those who are interested, to apply for the IPMA certification, thanks to a specific agreement among the international project management association and the University of Pavia and MIBE.

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Info in the course syllabus refers to both curricula (International management and Digital management)