Internship at MIBE

The internship aims at developing the student’s skills thanks to a real work experience. During the second semester of the second year, the student will have the opportunity to either attend 1 or 2 elective courses, or do an Internship, the workload of which will be converted into credits.

At MIBE, students can decide between:

  1. Internship
  2. Degree Plus, which consists in credits achieved not via the usual courses + 2 highly-qualified internships in leading companies of the MIBE network, plus special sessions, events and opportunities (for selected students only, 10 seats available) – FOR DETAILED INFO SEE THIS PAGE 

Note: Mind not to confuse these two opportunities, because each one of them has its own procedures!!!



Description and requirements

The student decides to insert in his/her study plan an internship, instead of taking 1 of the two elective courses. At the end of the internship, its workload will be converted into 6 credits

In order to have these credits in your study career, the internship must:

  • be selected in your study plan during the second year
  • be no less than 400 hours and no less than 3 months (6 credits)
  • be started and completed in the II semester of the II year

PLEASE NOTE:  there is the possibility to have both elective courses replaced by a longer internship (12 credits recognized) but from ACADEMIC YEAR 2018-2019 ONWARDS ONLY FOR STUDENTS TAKING PART  TO THE DEGREE PLUS

What are the potential companies where to apply for an internship?

  • Option A) Companies already MIBE partners. In this case, the internship will be automatically approved;
  • Obtion B) Companies which are NOT MIBE partners. In this case, the student will have to submit his/her proposal to MIBE Placement Office ( for an evaluation.

How to find the right Internship for you?

  • ASK “MIBE PLACEMENT OFFICE”, which offers to Mibers several internship/job opportunities on a monthly base;
  • Get in contact with C.O.R. ( ) to check open opportunities
  • EXPLOIT frequent opportunies by taking part to MIBE special events
  • CHECK frequently your academic e-mail address(
  • FIND an internship opportunity yourself

For further details, please have a look at this PRESENTATION


Internship opportunities may also be found through Erasmus Traineeship programme. Please note that Erasmus traineeship programme can only be worth 6 credits. Check the detailed description of the programme at the following links to learn more about the scholarship issued by the European Union: (ITA) (ENG)

Typically, two different “calls for admission” at Erasmus traineeship programme will be published throughout the academic year.

Further assistance in finding the right company for your internship is available at the “Trova imprese” section: (ITA)