Relevant information related to your stay in Pavia, your academic career and your wellbeing

These are a few relevant information related to your stay in Pavia, your academic career and your wellbeing.

Permit of stay

Due to the current situation, the validity of permits of stay expiring in January and April 2020 will be extended until the 15th of June 2020.

The activity of the Help Desk for International Students in the Questure (Via Rismondo 68) is interrupted. In order to ensure the service for the request or the renewal of the permit of stay, students can email permesso.soggiorno@unipv.it and attach their passport with study visa or (in case of renewal) their permit of stay.

University fee

The deadline for payment of the University fee has been postponed to May 30 (http://news.unipv.it/?p=46928).


Lectures are provided via e-learning tools. Lectures are provided as audio/video files, with slides or other digital teaching materials and even via live streaming. For additional information on how to register for distance lectures, please see this video-tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xfFOHvqP0w&list=PLAvO5qKnX6xJFZXp-2q2Bmu4laHH5mUKf).

Graduation exams

Graduation exams take place remotely using Skype or other web-conference tools. The application for graduation, thesis and the other required documents can be submitted online (https://web.unipv.it/come-procedere-con-la-domanda-di-laurea/).

Stay healthy, stay active and make sport at home

  • CUS Pavia launched the initiative “Train@Home”, which consists of two types of online sessions: “Training” to stay healthy and fit, and “lesson at distance” to follow courses and training in virtual rooms where students can interact with trainers. Lesson and training are scheduled week by week and are available on the website (http://www.cuspavia.org/trainhome-con-il-cus-pavia/) of CUS Pavia.
  • Students of the Degree Programme in Physical Sciences and the Laboratory of Adapted Motor Activity (Laboratorio di Attività Motoria Adattata, LAMA) prepared a YouTube playlist containing exercises to train and stay fit. Videos can be found on this page (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLihdBaXFbcCYrvo73BspACYMlZFXLeXOr) .

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit this page (http://news.unipv.it/?p=47114).

You have to strictly follow precautionary measures and instructions indicated by the Italian Government and by the University of Pavia, they have been thought for your safety. Information are provided via email and on the website of the University of Pavia (http://news.unipv.it/).

We wish you to stay healthy.