Visit to Microsoft House Milano

“Artificial Intelligence isn’t killing jobs: it’s killing Business Models” – Joe McKendrick

On Tuesday 15th May, 11 lucky MIBERS had the amazing opportunity of visiting the Microsoft head office placed in Milan!

The meeting was focused on actual topics such as cloud computing and AI and about how these trends are nowadays strongly driving the ways of doing innovation. With the help of Prof. Denicolai, students also explored the impact that AI is having on Business Models.

A huge thank you to all the guest speakers, namely Iona Ekonomi – Cloud Solution Architect Data and AI at Microsoft Western Europe – who helped the MIBERS analysing these new trends, Prof. Denicolai, Walter Gabetta and Franco Perduca of Factory Software, who brought their personal experience as evidence of all these huge current changes, and to Mariangela Orme – Sr Partner Development Manager at Microsoft – for hosting us and for the organisation. Last but not least, thanks to all the 11 MIBERS who actively participated in the meeting!